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Tokyo | Osaka & Kyoto

Authentic Nihonbuyo Training tailored to your needs

Learn authentic Nihonbuyo from a former Kabuki actor with many years of experience teaching Nihonbuyo to students of all ages and backgrounds.

no Japanese skills or dancing skills required | trial lessons available


How does it work?


How your learn

  • 1-on-1 lessons ensure that you progress at your pace and learn the dances you enjoy
  • Each lesson takes up to 60min, including learning how to wear kimonos properly

What you learn

  • You start with memorizing the single movements and overall flow of the choreography
  • Then, you’ll learn Nihonbuyo fundamentals and the proper form of each movement
  • Understand the meaning and background of the dances you learn

What you need

  • We wear either Kimonos or Yukata for the training. But no worries, you can borrow them from us at the beginning
  • If you join the school, we provide you with an o-sensu (fan) and a tenugui (cloth)
英御流 ここがすごい

why learn nihonbuyo with us?


Easy to understand

From the way to move to the meaning of the choreography, at the beginning everything is new. We help you understand every piece one by one through thoughtful and comprehensive training methods.

progress fast

We take a video of each lesson that you can take home and revisit again on your own time to quickly learn the choreography and refine your movements.

dances you love

Male or female roles, Shinbuyo or Koten, even POP songs! The sky’s the limit. We teach you any dance you’d like to learn. Just ask us and we’ll provide you with an original choreography.


have fun

Nihonbuyo is widely perceived as “strict” and “scary” but we at Hanabusagoryu believe that progress only comes with having fun. Enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere while learning authentic Nihonbuyo.

kimono & Kitsuke

For dancing Nihonbuyo you need to now how to wear Kimono. But no worries if you don’t. We teach you! Learn Kitsuke and everything else you need to know about Kimono step by step.

exactly what you need

“I want to dance on a big stage”, “I want to master many different dance genres”, “One day, I want to become a Nihonbuyo teacher” – whatever your goal is we make sure that our training matches it.




Hisateru-sensei (-teacher) is the head of the Hanabusagoryu, a Nihonbuyo school headquartered in Kyoto. The school was founded by his father Kanou-sensei, a highly regared Nihonbuyo professional and his mother Hisaka-sensei who grew up in the Kabuki world and received many national awards for her superior dancing skills.

Hisateru-sensei who has been practicing Nihonbuyo since he was 2 years old joined the Kabuki theater at the age of 17. After successfully finishing the comprehensive training for young Kabuki actors he joined the house of Nakamura Shikan VII, who was officially named Person of Cultural Merit and was famous for his outstanding dancing skills.

When turning 30 years old, Hisateru-sensei took over the Hanabusagoryu-school overseeing the training of 5 locations (Tokyo, Kyoto/Osaka, Yonago, Fukuoka, Imabari) across Japan. He’s focusing on making Nihonbuyo more accessible esp. for younger people by providing easy to understand and fun training, performances and online content.




Anna joined the Hanabusagoryu-school in 2010 and received her teacher certificate in 2018.

She supports Hisateru-sensei in revolutionizing the image of Nihonbuyo not only in Japan but also across the world by creating (hopefully) entertaining articles and videos that show why Nihonbuyo is the best thing on the planet (because it is!) and make more people fall in love with it.

She enjoys dancing strong male and female roles, creating unique choreographies for foreign and Japanese POP songs and teaching students of all backgrounds and ages.

Find out if we are the right fit you.
Take a trial lesson!

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, Nihonbuyo teachers have charged per month no matter how many lessons each student was able to attend. To make sure that you don’t pay for lessons you didn’t take we created a per-hour pricing system that can be flexibly adjusted to your availability and needs.



* You’ll get a o-sensu and tenugui


1 lesson/ month 5,000 JPY
2 lessons/ month 10,0000 JPY
3 lessons/ month 15,000 JPY
4 lessons/ month 17,000 JPY

(July & December)10,000 JPY



* You’ll get a o-sensu and tenugui


School Children 2,500 JPY
University Students 3,500 JPY



Sumida-ku, Kikukagwa 1-9-2
Nearest station: Morishita (Oedo Line, Shinjuku Line)


Kyoto, Yawata-shi, Otokoyama Izumi 6-10
Nearest Station: Kuzuha (Keihan Line)


10AM – 21PM
(Please inquire to make a reservation)

Curious about Nihonbuyo and how we teach it?
Take a trial lesson!


Take 1-hour 1-on-1 lesson to learn your first Nihonbuyo choreography as well as essential fundamentals.

We provide you with training wear (yukata, tabi, obi). Just let us know your size.


If you’re interested in learning Nihonbuyo, get in touch. Anybody (over the age of 3 years) is welcome to take a trial lesson.

No Japanese required or Nihonbuyo experience required.

where & when

We provide trial lessons at our training locations in Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka.

The schedule for trial lessons depends on the location so please inquire for available time slots.

How much?

The trial is free of charge!

* Please only apply for a trial lesson if you’re looking for a place to learn Nihonbuyo long-term.
Book your trial lesson!


Do I need to continue with the training after the trial?

It’s completely up to you if you want t join the school and continue your training after the trial lesson. Of course, we’d love to have you but no pressure at all!

Do I have to pay for the trial training?

Yes, we charge the same fee for the trial lesson as we do for regular lessons (adults: 5,000 JPY, school children: 2,500 JPY, university students: 3,500 JPY).

BUT, if you decide to continue learning Nihonbuyo with us, your first regular lesson will be completely FREE.

Do I need Japanese skills to learn Nihonbuyo at Hanabusagoryu?

No, you do not need any Japanese skills. English only will do!

Do I need a Kimono to start learning Nihonbuyo?

You do not need a Kimono. Most of our students train in a simple Yukata and if you don’t have a Yukata either, no problem. We lend you one!

Are the other foreigners at Hanabusagoryu?

Our students are of all ages and backgrounds. Some of our students and even one of our teachers is a foreigner. However, you still get the fully authentic Japanese experience with the Iemoto of the school being a former Kabuki actor and highly experienced Nihonbuyo dancer.

Is the training strict or difficult?

While Nihonbuyo is not the easiest thing to learn and we teach only high-quality choreographies and fundamentals, we explain everything in detail and make sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed. We take Nihonbuyo very seriously, but ourselves not so much 🙂

Curious about Nihonbuyo and how we teach it?
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